Welcome to Rivendell

Rivendell is a dynamic sanctuary where people can journey and reconnect their soul to the wider circle of life.

Our aim at Rivendell is to reawaken the natural flow we have in relationship to each other through nature and creativity by exploring and understanding our human reflection in the magical natural setting of Rivendell.

Our vision is to provide a wide range of holistic facilities such as: A natural birth centre, an inspiration centre for young children, a self discovery program for young adults, an all-encompassing opportunity to explore the inner child for all age groups, and a supporting residence for the peaceful transition of the elderly.

We would love to cover a vast area of activities such as: Reconnecting with animals and nature; Rediscovering creativity and imagination; Healing in connection with the inner child; Holistic treatments and support for all age groups ; Expression through music, arts, crafts and theatre; Social awareness, sustainability and educational sciences; Creative building, gardening and organic agriculture.

We encourage the reader to glance through Rivendell's wish list to find a suitable opportunity to get involved and contribute energetically, practically, creatively or financially. We are looking for people who connect with this project and would like to contribute to this endeavour in a team spirit.

Rivendell is situated in between the enchanting villages of Castelo de Vide and Marvão in the Alto Alentejo Portugal surrounded by an exceptionally charming landscape and a spectacular open view into the countryside. We invite you to come and experience this magical setting in connection with the project or simply enjoy an unconventional holiday, among authentic villages, rustic castles, lush valleys, sparkling streams and picturesque boulders, amidst green mossed oaks inhabited by many species of wildlife.

       "They have no model of perfection to follow
        No rules to obey and no path to present
        Like visitors in a dream
        They point to reality
        Often missed and rarely seen
        Such is the way of evolved beings
        Perhaps someday I too will be one"

        (Author unknown)